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Photo credit: Alina l'Ami

About Me

Currently I'm at Google Brain (now Google DeepMind) with Been Kim. Previously, I interned at DeepMind. 

I'm a PhD student interested in understanding and designing more robust, theoretically grounded machine learning algorithms. I'm supervised by Yarin Gal, and a member of the AIMS CDT and OATML lab. My DPhil is jointly funded by DeepMind and EPSRC

I hold a BSc in Econometrics and Operations Research from Erasmus University Rotterdam,  and two MScs in the fields of Statistics and Computer Science from the University of OxfordI'm curious about a wide range of topics, generally falling under the areas of statistics, machine learning, and optimization. 

Since the age of eight, I've been passionate about playing chess. I love the interplay between creativity, sharp analytical skills, and psychology. At the age of twelve, I played my first World Youth Championship and by the age of fourteen, became the youngest ever member of the Dutch Olympic Chess team. In 2014, we, the Dutch national women's team, founded ChessQueens to improve gender equality in chess in the Netherlands by supporting female chess players. 

Together with Maddy Wyburd, I co-lead outreach at the Oxford Women in Computer Science Society. We're passionate about making our field more inclusive and accessible to all. 

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I generated the images on this website using artbreeder.com, which uses this BigGAN.